About Me

Troy S. Logan affectionately known as OnlyMyMusings specializes in bridging the gaps between not-for-profit agencies and corporate industries with a focus on millennial engagement.

Youth advocacy is my calling. Supporting youth and by extension their families is my passion. Having the unique opportunity to work with grassroots, regional, national and international programs over the last 18 years has granted me access to the narratives of countless people from all walks of life. As an entrepreneur who lost and paid off $100,000 by age 30, helping small businesses generate more than a $1,000,000 has provided me with key insights to build successful companies. Failure is part of the story too—including being evicted because of making investments that turned out to be a bust. Nevertheless, as a senior team member for a government funded community capacity building project, learning how to assess at-risk conditions using scientific frameworks and very practical day to day strategies has helped me to successfully write grants that have been awarded, develop programs and strategically partner with individuals and groups.

Developing and sharing strategies with youth, students from middle school to university, teaching outside of the classroom and in lecture halls are all part of the repertoire. Coaching business owners who are sole proprietors as well as CEOs and Executive Directors of organizations have provided me with unique insights as well as research opportunities to identify problem areas and implement best practices. Going through the process of utilizing consultants, working with unions, changing business names and rebranding companies has been part of my experience. After three years of pursuing a political science degree nearly a decade ago, earning a degree in human rights and equity issues is my current academic target.

Growing up in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood via Falstaff Avenue in Toronto, Canada has played a major role in my upbringing; navigating several challenges from neighbourhood vices to adapting to corporate Canada to serving as a leader in the not for profit industry with a focus on priority neighbourhoods. As the author of Overcoming Self-Defeat: The B.I.R.T.H Your Biz Technology for Hustlers Like Me, sharing step by step strategies to identify issues and implement techniques is at the core of my work.

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