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I was listening to an incredible podcast entitled “Behind the Brilliance” episode 037: The Remix – Benoni Tagoe hosted by Lisa Nicole Bell and it served as the catalyst for this blog post.  I recently tweeted Kari Dunn Saratovsky and Derrick Feldmann letting them know that it is my goal to read their book entitled “Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement”.  As someone who has literally spent half of his life in the not for profit industry in Toronto, Canada, it is all about taking next steps to live the physical equivalent of my spiritual desires.

Now would be a perfect time to share that being an entrepreneur is one of my favourite lifestyles!

Ironically, I experienced what Lisa warned against in the above mentioned podcast: sabotaging your life to see who truly supports you.  To quickly delve into my personal story: life started to get a bit tumultuous and it appeared as though my seemingly close friends would not believe hardships were getting the best of me; in turn, my choice was to become irresponsible and exhibit a physical display of disarray to get their support.  Unfortunately, no one came to my rescue.  For what reason did it appear that people would come to my aid?  For starters, my life was about making sure those around me were taken care of.

While writing this post, what comes to mind is Marc Ecko’s book “Unlabeled” and the focus of what can be contextualized as: The Myth of The Gatekeeper.  Albeit I have yet to crack open Saratovsky and Feldmann’s “Cause for Change”, it somewhat makes me think about Marc Ecko’s thesis: individuals (specifically, mellenials) have the just claim to create their own life (without permission from people in conventional positions of power who once upon a time would doll out resources as a means for others to live their best lives).

Traditionally, society would have many people believe in the need for a group of others who preserve the right to ordain individuals/groups with the power to live the lives they desire.  However, there is enough historical and current evidence that proves an individual who studies and works smart has the opportunity to be successful–on their own terms.

Let me rattle off names of people who I study and who are on the largest stages or who have been on the largest stages that share this sentiment:

  • Les Brown
  • Tony Robbins
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Jim Rohn
  • Eric Thomas
  • TD Jakes
  • Joyce Meyer
  • Joel Osteen

What is interesting is that with social media, there are many ever-changing rules when it comes to curating a personal brand.

Cross-sectionality is important in a day and age where having many skill sets determines your value in the market place.  If this is the case, how do we become comfortable with our identity in an ever changing world? My thesis is: a personal brand should be all-encompassing of your interests without apology. How else do we become the best version of our self other than embracing what we believe makes us most happy?

Here is a confession of mine: as an avid reader and frequent writer, it is extremely challenging to share my personal brand with the world via my blog and social media channels.  I am learning how to engage people.  My disposition has been that of a person who is behind the scenes.  Nonetheless, managing my public self is an uphill battle, because it is much easier for me to help someone with a public persona than it is to curate a personal brand for myself.

One of my greatest assets is ensuring that outcomes area a reality by using virtual assistants.  Project management is one of my favourite tasks to complete.  Specifically, outsourcing work and making the connection between macro-functions and micro-functions is very fulfilling.  Still, a reoccurring theme is the challenge of managing my personal brand.  I work full-time and try to engage the market place as an entrepreneur.  Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “The Thank You Economy” talks about being social and recognizing that there is no need to hard sell people because the world is undergoing a transformation from linear industrial behaviours designed to merely achieve profits into a more flexible community atmosphere.  In other words, the people who buy from you are the people you say thank you to.

(On a side note, shout out to Lisa’s guest Benoni Tagoe who shouted out another book I reference again and again “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger.  This book was first shared with me by a friend from Atlanta–who has a penchant for recommending great titles.  Tagoe referenced rapper Nipsey Hussle who credits this publication with inspiring his industry transforming business model.)

Getting back to the blog post, the following is my maxim: life is difficult and we have what it takes to achieve our goals with the implementation of step by step strategies.  Now that I have decided to come from behind the scenes–again–as my authentic self and share my personal brand, I hope to learn more best practices.  Quiet honestly, I get stuck with producing blog posts.  Still, I am open to corresponding with people.  I love learning and teaching!  How do I organically build a community that allows me to have an exchange with people?  Or, do I have it wrong and maybe I should be joining an already existing community?  Clearly, I am working through self versus self conflict.  Pardon the pun, but I think I may need to reel in Mauborgne and Kim’s “Blue Ocean Strategy” which I have been reading about–that states: creating a new space is beneficial in an over-fished market. Further, it may be time to take a page from Chris Drucker’s book, “Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business” and get someone to blog for me.

What I know for sure is that my business #CoachCampaign helps #HustlersLikeMe achieve personal and professional success.

In closing, the style of blog which I like to leave readers with includes tips and success secrets, like this: 5 Quick Tips To Start The New Year.  I do not feel that what has been written in this post does that.


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