Education after Business



After going to York for PoliSci over 10 years ago, then entering the workforce and starting several businesses, I have been considering for a long time to return to academia (my first love).

After giving up a full ride scholarship, job in corporate and investing all my resources for friends and family, I had to learn the hard core truth about human interactions.

Only a handful of people know about the setbacks, because they were there–or heard about the ordeals first hand.  It is never about throwing anyone under that proverbial bus.

When I write and share best practices, it is because I know many individuals/groups can use some support.

The last 16 years working in the not-for-profit industry at the city and provincial level has taught me a lot.  It is time to shift gears again and package my how-to as precise and concise steps for those who can use the assistance.

Time for me to learn how to learn again.

See you on the other side.

You got this!


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